Barnard-Seyfert Astronomical Society

BSAS Meeting Location

Due to renovations at the Cumberland Valley Girl Scout Council Building, meetings of BSAS will be held in the Fellowship Hall at Glendale United Methodist Church until further notice. Click here for directions.

November 2016: Dimming stars, erupting plasma, and beautiful nebulae

Boasting intricate patterns and translucent colors, planetary nebulae are among the most beautiful sights in the universe. How they got their shapes is complicated, but astronomers think they've solved part of the mystery—with giant blobs of plasma shooting through space at half a million miles per hour.

October 2016: Is Proxima Centauri's 'Earth-like' planet actually like Earth at all?

On August 24, 2016, scientists announced that the stellar wobble of Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our sun, indicated the existence of an exoplanet. If verified, this would bring the number of Earth-like planets found in their star's habitable zones up to 22, with 'Proxima b' being the closest one.