Barnard-Seyfert Astronomical Society

Total Solar Eclipse
August 21, 2017

All BSAS members receive twelve free eclipse glasses! Members may purchase up to 25 additional glasses for $1 each. Visit us at a public BSAS meeting to pick up your glasses, or email for more information.

Check here often for our growing list of eclipse events around Middle Tennessee.

June 2017: The Shape of the Solar System

When Stamatios (Tom) Krimigis was selected for the Voyager mission in 1971, he became the team's youngest principal investigator of an instrument. Little did he know, though, that more than 40 years later, both Voyager 1 and 2 still would be speeding through space, continuing to literally reshape our view of the solar system.

May 2017: The Fizzy Seas of Titan

With clouds, rain, seas, lakes and a nitrogen-filled atmosphere, Saturns moon Titan appears to be one of the worlds most similar to Earth in the solar system. But its still alien; its seas and lakes are full not of water but liquid methane and ethane.