Barnard-Seyfert Astronomical Society

BSAS Meetings through December 2016

Due to renovations at the Cumberland Valley Girl Scout Council Building, meetings of BSAS through the end of the year will be held in the Fellowship Hall at Glendale United Methodist Church. Click here for directions.

September 2016: One Incredible Galaxy Cluster Yields Two Types of Gravitational Lenses

There is this great idea that if you look hard enough and long enough at any region of space, your line of sight will eventually run into a luminous object: a star, a galaxy or a cluster of galaxies. In reality, the universe is finite in age, so this isn't quite the case.

August 2016: Is there a super-Earth in the Solar System out beyond Neptune?

When the advent of large telescopes brought us the discoveries of Uranus and then Neptune, they also brought the great hope of a Solar System even richer in terms of large, massive worlds. While the asteroid belt and the Kuiper belt were each found to possess a large number of substantial icy-and-rocky worlds, none of them approached even Earth in size or mass, much less the true giant worlds. Then, the discovery of Sedna in 2003 turned out to be even more groundbreaking than astronomers realized.